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  1.superior to others 高人一等

  2.The large scale development of West China is of profound significance 西部大开发具有深远意义

  3.revitalize our nation 实现我们民族的伟大复兴

  4.lag behind (发展)滞后

  5.the opening-up policies 开放政策

  6.lure more foreign capital 吸引更多的外资

  7.leave… far behind 把…远远地甩到后边

  8.In addition,the west's unique unfavorable geographic positions greatly limitits development.


  9.subsistence problem温饱问题

  10.If left unchanged,the underdevelopment in the west will greatly affect overall prosperity and even social stability.


  11.However,the western region development is a long-term systematic project.


  12.It calls for tremendous efforts of several generations.它需要几代人的共同努力。

  13.economic prosperity 经济繁荣

  14.social progress 社会进步

  15.political stability 政治稳定

  16.beautiful landscape 风光秀丽

  17.a deep-rooted concept 一个根深蒂固的观念

  18.materialistic society 物质社会

  19.be concerned about 关心

  20.the sense of achievement 成就感

  21.in terms of 从……的角度

  22.a sound attitude 一种正确的态度

  23.strive for 为……而努力

  24.bookworm 书呆子

  25.the pursuit of our ideals 对我们理想的追求

  26.material well-being 物质财富

  27.utilize the natural resources 利用自然资源

  28.meet the future needs 满足将来的需要

  29.Competition exists everywhere and it is one of the motive forces of thedevelopment of society 竞争是社会生活中的一个司空见惯的现象

  30.However,we often find competition exists together with cooperation.然而,我们经常发现竞争与合作共存的情况。

  31.While we are advocating competition,we can’t forget cooperation.我们在倡导竞争是不可忽略合作。

  32.Pure and exclusive competition leads to failures.纯粹排他的竞争会导致一事无成。

  33.Only competition together with cooperation helps us a great deal in obtaining our goals and satisfying our needs.只有既竞争又合作,我们才能实现目标,才能满足自身需要。

  34.The current education system 现行教育体制

  35.(be) aimed at 致力于

  36.the practical application of what they have learned 他们所学知识的实际运用

  37.challenge examination-oriented education 挑战应试教育

  38.advocate quality-oriented education 倡导素质教育

  39.focus on the students’ability as a whole 重视培养学生的整体能力

  40.play a key role 起到关键作用

  41.contribute to solving the problem of 有助于……问题的解决

  42.bring up a new generation 培养一代新人

  43.on a large scale 大规模的

  44.compulsory education 义务教育

  45.a top priority 最优先(事项)

  46.water loss and soil erosion 水土流失

  47.Evidently,the deterioration of the quality of the environment threatens the existence of mankind.


  48.Therefore,the best solution is that we should devote to the protection of our home while we are developing our economy.


  49.sustainable development 可持续发展

  50.Both the government and ordinary people should join hands to make this world a better place to live in,not only for ourselves,but also for future generations.


  51.Some academic works are full of plagiarisms.


  52.money-oriented salespeople 惟利是图的商人

  53.fake commodity 假货

  54.achieve success 取得成功

  55.impart knowledge(to) 传授知识

  56.the soul engineer of mankind 人类灵魂的工程师

  57.raise teachers’ social status and improve their material welfare 提高教师社会地位,改善 教师物质待遇。

  58.an empty slogan 一个空洞的口号

  59.international prestige 国际地位

  60.promote the unification of China 促进祖国的统一

  61.in the long run 从长远看来

  62.make every citizen aware that 使每个人都意识到……

  63.take the lead 起带头作用

  64.deforestation 森林砍伐

  65.ecosystem 生态系统

  66.According to its definition, the purpose of sustainable development is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 根据定义,可持续发展战略提出的目的是在不损害子孙后代的利益的前提下满足今天人们的需要。

  67.The fulfillment of one’s duty and obligations 履行某人的职责与义务

  68.maintain the stability and unity of our country 维护我们国家的稳定和统一

  69.Children’s love for their parents is the latter’s best reward.孩子对父母的爱是 对父母最好的回报。

  70.vigor and vitality 生机与活力

  71.an age of awakening 觉醒的时期

  72.lay a good foundation for the future 为将来奠定坚实的基础

  73.lack of awareness of time’s passage 不能意识到时光的流逝

  74.go sightseeing 出去观光

  75.remain fresh in one’s memory 让某人记忆犹新

  76.It turned out that 结果表明…(接从句)

  77.lengthen people’s life expectancy 延长人们的寿命

  78.If science is properly used,it will benefit mankind,while if it is misused,it will lead to tragic result.如果正当利用,科学将造福人类,如果利用不当,科学将引发灾难。

  79.So it’s up to us to make science a blessing rather than a curse to mankind.


  80.propagate endangered animal species 促进濒危动物种群的繁衍

  81.produce replacement organs for transplant patients 为病人制造可用于移植的替代器官

  82.The same applies to robots.机器人也存在着相同的问题。

  83.The concern is good for it calls for adequate attention to the problems of modern technology and the steps to be taken to guide the direction of its development. 此类想法不无裨益,它能唤起人们对现代科技技术带来的问题的足够重视,同时促使人们采取措施引导技术的发展方向。

  84.come up with 想出,找出(答案,计划等)

  85.Tools are the milestones of technology as well as human being’s progress. 工具是科技进步和人类进步的里程碑。

  86.medical breakthrough 医学上的重大突破

  87.eradicate 根除

  88.(be) popular with …受到……的欢迎

  89.(be) enslaved 使沦为奴隶

  90.greenhouse effect 温室效应

  91.decisive factor 决定因素

  92.serve the interests of …服务于…利益的需要

  93.I miss very much our traditional culture whose loss is too high a price to pay. 传统文化令我十分留恋,它的缺失意味着高昂的代价。

  94.Gone forever are not only…,but …永远失去的不仅是…,还有…

  95.I treasure traditional culture,for it embodies the very customs and values that sustain our friendship,family and spiritual life.我珍惜传统文化,因为它代表了维系我们的友谊,家庭和精神生活的固有方式及价值观。

  96.lift intellectual property 窃取知识产权

  97.e-commerce 电子商务

  98.cause great financial losses 导致巨大的经济损失

  99.It is high time for us to take all the effective measures to battle against hackers. 我们应立即采取有效措施,制止黑壳犯罪。


  100.Spot some weakness on the Web. 窥探到网上的一些漏洞。


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